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alicia's STORY

"She motivates and pushes me daily to reach my targeted goals"

I have been working with Holly for almost 8 weeks now and feel I have found my fitness home. She is constantly surprising and challenging me. For years I would go from class to class, from yoga to Pure Barre. My mind and body got bored easily doing the same activity for any length of time. Now, Holly does all that for me. Her knowledge of what is needed for transformation as well as truly listening to what I was looking for was a perfect fit as I have seen the most results working with her. She motivates and pushes me daily to reach my targeted goals.  Thanks, Holly!

kimberley's STORY

"My before and after pictures speak for themselves"

If you want an amazing workout that challenges you and meets your personal goals. Holly is the go-to person in the fitness industry. Not only does she guide you to your goals, but she checks in and can reassess your changes throughout your weeks to help you.  

I came to Holly, as an already active person, but I had a goal in mind! 

She sent me a questionnaire and my goals were building stronger legs and glutes, a smaller waist, and stronger arms.  

She responded quickly with a workout designed to help me with my goals! It takes work and dedication, but it can be done.  

My before and after pictures speak for themselves. If you need someone that not only walks the walk but lives the lifestyle, go to Holly!


charlotte's STORY

"She knows what she is doing"

Coach Holly has the knowledge and the training to help each person reach their individual goals. Coach Holly is by our side each step of the way cheering us on through the good, the bad, and the ugly. If she doesn’t have the answers she’ll look till she finds them. She knows what she’s doing!

darlene's STORY

"You will not be disappointed"

I have known Holly for years and have worked with her for personal training, boot camps, and group fitness classes.  Holly is such an inspiration to me and is a great trainer and motivator. Holly always makes working out a fun time and I look forward to every session. I would highly recommend Holly to anyone looking for a highly motivational and knowledgeable trainer.  You will not be disappointed!


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