Client Testimonials

Early 2000s, Holly helped me to begin my fitness and healthier lifestyle journey.  It all began with a healthy eating class and then came personal training.  That was amazing!!  And then bootcamp with other like-minded people – that was always challenging but so fun.  The things I learned over the years with Holly have stayed with me and I always refer to them when making other health choices.  She set the bar very high!!  Her knowledge of weight training, correct form and balanced by healthy eating are key.  She lives what she preaches!!

Jean R.


Holly was my personal trainer for 12 years. During that time Holly helped me achieve all my goals, including maintaining flexibility, adding core strength, keeping muscle tone and avoiding muscle injury on the golf course. Holly also tracked my weight and key body measurements. She is a dedicated, hard working professional fitness expert. 

I also attended several years of boot camp run by Holly. She is as good in groups as she is one on one. Holly's knowledge, personality and sense of humor allows her clients to get through the toughest workouts. I give Holly a 10 out of 10 for being a great fitness professional!

Gerry M.


We trained with holly for years, starting out in the basement of her house, moving to a few locations, and ending up at her studio on Main Street in Salem.  I started out barely able to do a sit up or touch my toes, much less a burpee, and ended up lean and fit, running at 3:00 am through the streets of Salem (yes, 3:00 am!) hauling sand-filled bags up hills, countless - and I mean countless - burpees, lifting weight that amazed me of my abilities, logging every bite of food each day and totally committed to a lifestyle of fitness, 100% due to hollys determination to guide us with her accumulated years of knowledge.  The group through this journey was top-notch, we always held each other accountable, and I feel honored to have met such wonderful people to sweat and cry with.  Even though I have moved from the area, I still to this day consider each and every person a dear friend.

Holly’s understanding of the science behind fitness, that’s it’s not just a number on the scale, and a lifestyle change gave us the tools to have a lifetime of health and fitness.

Melissa & Mike M.


Let me start by saying that Holly is unequivocally the best trainer/coach I've ever had. I have had a bevy of trainers, coaches, and nutritional experts in my nearly 40-year athletic career that, included stints at the US Olympic Training Center as a cross-country skier, a career in Europe as a professional cyclist, and to the present day where I’m a 55-year-old athlete trying to compete at an elite cycling level and reentering the cross country skiing scene. Under her tutelage, I've increased my strength, addressed my diet issues, and my sleep is better than in previous decades. Thus, I’m generally healthier and seeing performance metrics I haven’t seen in years. Holly's approach feels like we have a genuine partnership. Her encouragement, knowledge, skills, and abilities have kept me on track, supported my objectives, and contributed to my being generally healthier and helping me reach my athletic goals. I lack the vocabulary to give Holly enough praise.

 John H.


About eight years ago, I was working out with the assistance of a local trainer and told him I'd like more specialized assistance from a female trainer, knowledgeable about women's weight lifting, cardio training, weight loss and achieving a healthy lifestyle.  He said in his opinion the best in the Roanoke area was Holly. He then proceeded to give me Holly's contact information. I contacted Holly and we set up a time to meet.  From our very first meeting, I knew I found the right person to assist and guide me in reaching my goals.  She did an in depth interview regarding my lifestyle, dietary habits and my fitness and weight loss goals.  We then proceeded to work together to achieve those goals over the next seven or so years.  I slowly and healthily lost over thirty pounds. I learned proper weightlifting techniques and I am now stronger than I ever imagined I would be.  She taught me the importance of interval training to increase my cardio health and assist in weight loss.   And perhaps most importantly, she taught me to have confidence in myself. In the process, she became a dear and lifelong friend.  Choosing Holly as my fitness and wellness coach is one of the best decisions I ever made.

Linda F.


I actually met Holly through a mutual friend (dinner with the girls) . I learned from my first meet up with her that she was a source of knowledge and I wanted some help from her with my own fitness journey. Later on, I signed up for a 8 week session and quickly learned she really knew her stuff. She was attentive to all my questions and guided me through it step by step. I can honestly say that with her guidance, I achieved great results. Over time we have become close friends and I can honestly say that I have never met a more grounded and genuine person. I will forever be thankful for her and all she has taught me. If you are reading this and are hesitant, make the leap! You wont regret it!

Lottie E.


I started in September 2022 with Holly’s program and have been very happy with the results.  I definitely feel better overall, have more energy, and make better food and exercise decisions. It has been a great lifestyle change……and not a lose weight quick scheme.  I learned rather quickly that if I follow the macros and plan provided by Holly, I will see positive results.  I love the flexibility of the plan. First and foremost – no food is off limits.  The other huge plus for me is how Holly tailors everything for me and is so easily accessible for questions and encouragement.  My exercise plan is coordinated around my hectic schedule and I love the fact that she changes up the strength training exercises every few weeks to keep it fresh. I would highly recommend Holly and encourage anyone to give her plan a try.

Kathleen F.


There are SO MANY things I would share with someone who was in my position a year ago, but I think the gist of what I said to you is that if you had told me a year ago that in order to get the look I wanted that I would have to eat more, rest more, and exercise less I wouldn't believe it.  I expected to start this process by cutting food and losing weight, not slowly and deliberately gaining almost 15 lbs.  I didn't understand that what I really wanted was more muscle, not just to lose weight.  I'm excited now to shed some fat to see the muscle I've worked (really freaking) hard for, but also know that I will absolutely continue with this cycle to grow even more because it is a long, slow process.  I was over working and underfeuling my body chasing a look that could never be achieved by doing those two things.  I needed to eat (a lot) more, workout by lifting heavy and deliberately, not just doing a million things in a week (classes, running, biking, hiking, Hiit, lifiting) and really recover.  This has been such an educational experience in so many ways and I am so grateful to have such a great teacher and coach.🌟

Laura C.


Holly Fields didn’t just whip me into shape. She changed my entire life. Her multi faceted approach to wellness has impacted my life in so many ways. She customizes a program for you that includes strength, training, cardio, and nutrition. She digs deep to learn about your lifestyle to customize a program that works for you because everyone is so different. Since I started training with Holly in 2014, I am stronger, more mobile, more toned, and most importantly, so much more knowledgeable about, my own fitness needs. On top of all that, Holly has become a good friend. She is warm and inspiring and makes working out and eating well a joy. Training with Holly was one of the best decision I ever made in my life.




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alicia's STORY

"She motivates and pushes me daily to reach my targeted goals"

I have been working with Holly for almost 8 weeks now and feel I have found my fitness home. She is constantly surprising and challenging me. For years I would go from class to class, from yoga to Pure Barre. My mind and body got bored easily doing the same activity for any length of time. Now, Holly does all that for me. Her knowledge of what is needed for transformation as well as truly listening to what I was looking for was a perfect fit as I have seen the most results working with her. She motivates and pushes me daily to reach my targeted goals.  Thanks, Holly!

kimberley's STORY

"My before and after pictures speak for themselves"

If you want an amazing workout that challenges you and meets your personal goals. Holly is the go-to person in the fitness industry. Not only does she guide you to your goals, but she checks in and can reassess your changes throughout your weeks to help you.  

I came to Holly, as an already active person, but I had a goal in mind! 

She sent me a questionnaire and my goals were building stronger legs and glutes, a smaller waist, and stronger arms.  

She responded quickly with a workout designed to help me with my goals! It takes work and dedication, but it can be done.  

My before and after pictures speak for themselves. If you need someone that not only walks the walk but lives the lifestyle, go to Holly!


charlotte's STORY

"She knows what she is doing"

Coach Holly has the knowledge and the training to help each person reach their individual goals. Coach Holly is by our side each step of the way cheering us on through the good, the bad, and the ugly. If she doesn’t have the answers she’ll look till she finds them. She knows what she’s doing!

darlene's STORY

"You will not be disappointed"

I have known Holly for years and have worked with her for personal training, boot camps, and group fitness classes.  Holly is such an inspiration to me and is a great trainer and motivator. Holly always makes working out a fun time and I look forward to every session. I would highly recommend Holly to anyone looking for a highly motivational and knowledgeable trainer.  You will not be disappointed!


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