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Fitness by Holly personalized fitness and nutrition programs are designed specifically for you based on your current fitness level, access to equipment, experience, and food preferences. Your program is conveniently delivered right to your mobile device.

Customized Training Programs

My workouts are designed to take your training to the next level and to help you get not only fit, but healthy as well. I will give you exactly what to do exercise-by-exercise, rep-by-rep. Day by day and week by week!  Your workouts are customized by me to help you reach your goals!!

Customized Nutrition

The one size fit's all nutrition plan is a thing of the past. With our macro based nutrition plans, you can still eat foods that you enjoy while seeing real results. No more yo-yo dieting here, a sustainable plan to keep you happy and healthy. 


Progress Tracking & Accountability

We will have an initial phone or video consultation to discuss just exactly what your goals are and help you with goal setting. Daily access to ask questions through messaging via the app. Track progress as you go so we can see progress and make adjustments. Weekly progress is monitored, and accountability is a must! You cannot change your current behaviors if you are not committed to being accountable, both to yourself and your coach!

Fit with Holly App

Track your workouts, follow your nutrition plan, record maxes & PRs, and more in the FIt with Holly app!

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