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Meet Holly Fields

I attended Radford University where I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education with a commercial fitness concentration. Wanting to expand my scope a little more, I returned to Radford University to pursue my Physical Education/Health Teaching certification. I opened a gym in 2000- things changed there and I started teaching middle school Health and PE.  Once I began teaching Health & PE,  I pursued my Master’s Degree in Health Promotion from Virginia Tech.

I’ve always been athletic but I never really felt like I could gain muscle or strength. I have been working over 30 years on building my physique.  I was always the “skinny” kid, so it has taken tons of effort to gain some muscle and not just relax and become “skinny fat”.

Being healthy is not just about exercise but a lifestyle change. 

I have a doctoral degree-my Ph.D. is in Health Education & Promotion. My dissertation can be found HERE. I have had my Fitness by Holly gym open since 2014 in New Castle, VA as well as being an online health and fitness coach.

It is my passion in life to not only change my body and hopefully live past 100, but to help my clients improve their health and longevity as well. For women especially, it is about knowing that it is never too late to begin changing your physique and mindset, no matter what your age.

My transformations are specialized 1:1 coaching that focuses on a holistic approach to nutrition and fitness, as well as stress management, mindfulness, and hormone balance! I meet my clients where they ARE, making small changes for BIG results!!


I am a certified personal trainer and certified fitness nutrition specialist located in Southwest Virginia.

Having over 30 years of experience and being certified with ACE and NASM (American Council on Exercise and National Academy of Sports Medicine) I specialize in online health and wellness coaching.  I will customize your program (fitness, nutrition, or both) based on WHERE you work out and WHAT your goals are!  I design for each person individually based on likes, dislikes, and any physical issues that need to be considered.  I have over 30 years of experience, and I myself am a women’s physique competitor and mom of two awesome boys who is currently 51 (years young)! Trust me when I tell you that as a woman, YOU CAN DO THIS!! I know like many, you may have spent years and years putting everyone else first, but it is never too late to focus on you and become who you have always dreamed of being! 



I began competing in 2000, when the figure division had just been adopted. My oldest son was then 1 year old. I competed a few more times over the years, trying to perfect my ability and body. Then in 2004, I had my second son and competed once again when he was nine months old.

In 2009, I decided if I was going to continue to compete that this was going to become my life!! Each season and offseason would bring new goals.

Since then I have been competing-a few times doing up to three shows a year, I learned that recovery and growth time as a natural is just as important as getting “stage lean” in order to bring your best to the next competition.  I am always striving to better myself. In 2012 I switched to Women’s Physique and placed first for Physique at the OCB Natural Bodyz and in 2014 I earned my ANBF Pro Card.  My husband passed away in 2015 unexpectedly and I thought I was going to give it all up.  I pushed through and am continuing to work on building as much muscle as possible as a natural athlete.  My last competition was in April 2022 at the Warrior Classic, which qualified me for Master’s Nationals. Currently “building” since that show-growth is the hardest to see! Keep focused! 

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