Are you FAT phobic? What to do....

Apr 19, 2023

 by Holly Fields

Maybe you are the type of person who works out a little in the gym, but REALLY focuses on your cardio, because you don't want to "get fat". I am here to tell you that your focus is on the WRONG THING! You want to seriously buckle down and get "muscle centric". What I mean by this is that you need to work on BUILDING your lean muscle, because every year, you are LOSING IT!

In the grand scheme of things, you really aren't losing a whole lot of muscle until you are probably past the age of 35, but how much did you really have to begin with? My focus on strength training has spanned almost 3 decades now! There were many times (like my wedding day) that I wanted to be "lean" and I let the cardio bunny in me come out a little more than I needed to. Let me explain-because, you are probably asking yourself, wait-is that possible? YES! You can do TOO much cardio! Combine this with the low-calorie diet you have been on forever (seems to get lower every year, doesn't it?) and your body will actually take that muscle and use IT for energy! UGH!!! Not the best scenario. Then you end up just being a softer (maybe smaller, but maybe not) version of yourself.

I don't know about you, but as 51-year-old middle-aged female (I say that hesitantly, because I actually FEEL better than when I was 30), my goal is to GAIN as much lean muscle as I can-don't stress out, this doesn't mean the SCALE weight will go up! It might, but your body composition is really what matters! We all want to look awesome and FEEL awesome, and muscle is what will get you there!

I work with clients online to help solve these problems:

Feeling tired (no energy to train, or even function half the time)

Hormone imbalances (brain fog, feeling crazy emotions)

Not loving what you see in the mirror

All of these things take time to achieve, but it can be done! Time, patience, and consistency are what matter-what else are you doing with your time? I hope not going in the opposite direction! Lifting is for LIFE (in more ways than one)!!

Yours in health & wellness,